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Sound Wavs:

They have been compressed for faster downloading time. Sorry -- I only have a few up at present. I'll be adding more in the days to come.


"The Rack"

Gertrude: "Yes, in the old days, we had the rack. Now days... we have the press! ... Your own newspaper being the notable exception, Sir Edward, where truth shines out like a beacon and lies run vainly for the shadows."


"Excellent Speeches"

Sir Edward: "Bravo, Lady Chiltern! ... but may I ask, do I detect in the conversation a lyricism not entirely uncommon in your husband's excellent speeches?"

Sir Robert: "If you are suggesting, Sir Edward, that my position in society means anything to my wife, you are utterly mistaken... it means everything to my wife."


"Without Her Love"

Sir Robert: "I demand that you make it known immediately, for without her it is true: I am entirely unexceptional. And without her love... I am nothing."


"Jewels & Men"

Lady Marksby: "Oh, my dear -- if I had a jewel for every staring eye...!"

Mrs. Chevely: "I'm glad to say, Lady Marksby, you evidently do!"



Gertrude: "But you told me yesterday---"

Robert: "I have reason to believe that the information I received was prejudiced... or at any rate misinformed. I now believe there may be some benefit to the scheme after all."

Gertrude: "Benefit? To whom?"



Gertrude: "Robert, is there in your life any... any secret... any... indiscretion?"


"The Whole Truth"

Gertrude: "You are telling me the whole truth?"

Robert: "Why do you ask me such a question?"

Gertrude: "Why do you not answer it?"



Robert: "Oh, Gertrude! There is nothing in my past life that you might not know!"



Arthur: "Always pass on good advice. It's the only sensible thing to do with it."


"Elder Brother"

Mabel: "I should report that the role of 'elder brother' is for the moment being more than adequately preformed by my elder brother."

Arthur: "Really."

Mabel: "Yes. Charming and delightful performance it is, too."



Gertrude: "Oh, no, Robert, you must never see her again! Darling, I know this woman! We were at school together! I didn't trust her then and I don't trust her now."


"An Ideal"

Gertrude: "All your life you have stood apart from others. To the world -- as to myself -- you have been an ideal, always. Be that ideal still."


"Love Me Always"

Robert: "Love me, Gertrude... love me always."



Mrs. Chevely: "A higher education of men is what I would like to see; men need it so sadly."

Lady Marksby: "They do, dear, but I'm afraid such a scheme would be unpractical. I don't think Man has much capacity for development; he's got as far as he can. And that's not far... is it?"



Lady Marksby: "And now, dear ladies, I had better set forth. I haven't time to be idling around here all day -- I shall be idling around somewhere else very shortly or I shall fall behind."


"Wonderful Woman"

Mrs. Chevely: "Wonderful woman, Lady Marksby, isn't she? Talks more and says less than anybody I ever met."


"Wasting Time"

Lord Caversham: "Well, sir, what are you doing here? Wasting your time as usual?"

Arthur: "My dear father, when one pays a visit it is for the purpose of wasting other people's time and not one's own. What are you doing here?"

Lord Caversham: "I have important news for Chiltern!"



Lord Caversham: "High character... high moral term... high principles... everything that you have not got, sir, and never will have."


"The Proposal"

Arthur: "Marry Me, Miss Mabel."

Mabel: "Well! ... Lord Goring, I must say this comes as quite a surprise!"

Arthur: "Oh! Well! if you need time to consider, I'll just--"

Mabel: "NO! No... I don't need time!"


"Feet of Clay"

Gertrude: "We have, all of us, feet of clay, Robert. Women, as well as men."



Gertrude: "Forgive me."

Robert [delighted]: "Gertrude! ... Gertrude, my wife!"



Arthur: "Well... couldn't you... love me just a little bit in return?"

Mabel: "Arthur, you silly! If you knew anything about anything -- which you don't -- you would know that I absolutely adore you."



Robert: "I have to consider Mabel's future happiness, and as much as I care for you, Arthur... I don't think her happiness would be safe in your hands."


"Big Speech"

Gertrude: "Darling, if they truly love each other, why should they not be married?"

Robert: "I shall tell you. When I called on Lord Goring yesterday, I found Mrs. Chevely concealed in his rooms. I then discoered that they were at one time engaged to be married. I'm very sorry, Mabel, but how can I possibly allow you to marry him... when he is involved with another woman?"


"The Truth"

Gertrude: "The truth is... the truth... is... I lied."