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Are You Obsessed? If so, watch for these signs...

Signs of Obsession 


Your PC background has an enlarged picture of the "Love Me Always" scene. When it comes on, it says "Good morning, Miss Mabel," and when it closes down, "Then... I should go... should I?" at which you burst into tears and embrace your hard drive.


You spend your lunch hour looking at screen captures  on your co-worker's PC and then, as a present, change her desktop to Mabel peaking around the second palm tree on the right. She liked it.  


When caught at something, you always get very wide-eyed, and stutter, "The truth is... the truth... is..." until someone lets you off the hook. 


You have a strange aversion for the name "Laura," and the new kid in town wonders why you're forever talking about going to school with her -- and wh you don't trust her -- when she's never met you before!


You're forever talking about how beautiful the latticework is on the upper loft of Parliament. This confuses your Geography teacher, for you claim you've never been to London "save in spirit," and your parents are relieved you've gotten off The Winslow Boy kick in that the next time you will see a certain Sir Robert, it will be from across the floor, and not in the loft.


You have the movie. You have the DVD. You have the behind-the-scenes interview. You have the trailer, even though you had to buy some movie who's title you can't remember to get it. You have the book. You have the original play. You have the soundtrack, which is playing at this moment. You've spent all of your free time on the internet at "Love Me Always" obsessing, and you're now taking this obsession quiz, even though you know all hope is lost. You're also seeing a counselor part time because your name's "Anne" and you answer to "Gertrude." 


Your sister is forever egging you to tell her who "Robert" is, for, as she has to share a room with you, she has a right to know who you're talking about in your sleep.


When asked, "What's your favorite---" you quickly reply, "An Ideal Husband!!" even though the question, finished, would have read... "... color of rice." People get really tired of hearing this in answer to every question ever asked, but they never think to ask what your favorite movie is.


You insist on posing for a silly photograph wearing a horrendous outfit and wearing a blond wig while holding a monstrous shield in front of your 1886-period underclothes. This is viewed as "almost normal" by close family and friends.


You saw the movie six times six days in a row. You counted the days until you could buy the video/DVD, and until the day came, you contented yourself with quoting all the lines you could remember, which ended in your grandmother locking you out because she got tired of hearing, "What the devil is going on in this house?!"


You have a website with absolutely as much info on the film as you can find, crammed with hundreds of screen captures you spent weeks working on, and are enlarging your sound files while considering adding movie clips. Oops. That's me. Sorry about that. 


Well, if you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, you're definitely obsessed. The doctor orders full bed rest, and everybody knows that when you're sick, the best cure is a good movie. Especially one with comedy to bring up your chin, romance to make you swoon, a villain you want to kick, and dialog to die for.


Hmmm.... do YOU know of anything like that...?